Getting it right…on the way in…

I was doing a “live band” recording session recently (yes,they all played together at the same headphones,just a small p.a. System and no click track). It wasn’t too hard getting a basic sound for them,as they can all play and sing. We tracked to individual tracks on Protools and as usual, I used a fair amount of EQ from the console on the drum tracks as I recorded them. But something in the snare just wasn’t popping the way that I thought it should. So I put a DBX 161 across the snare and dialed in some aggresiveness.
The resulting sound was so exciting that I quickly dismissed any reservations about committing to it…and this was a sound that it is simply not possible to achieve in the world of software plug ins. And in the end, it made the mixes really come alive.
Sometimes,something worth doing is worth overdoing.

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