The Voice (Over) of Experience

I recently did my first studio podcast production.mic The client wanted to know if I had ever done one before so I asked him if it was similar to the NPR series “Radio Lab”. He told me that the “Radio Lab” format was very similar to what he was looking to do and we started to go down the list of what elements would be needed to put his together:

1. Original Music Creation

2. Voice Over Recording/Editing

3. Mixing and Editing Of Field Sound Recordings (ie. interviews that he had doneĀ  on a Zoom Recorder)

4. Final Mix Of all Elements

We finished the project within the projected time and budget and it was a creative and fun session. Over the next week, I thought about how important it is to be open to learning new skills and to have an open mind in this “soup to nuts” economy. If I initially had no frame of reference (“Radio Lab”) with the client, his confidence in working with me would have been seriously undermined. And recording and editing/mixing VO (voiceover…the people on radio and TV who speak) for four years and writing and producing music for TV and radio while I was also writing and producing music for major labels….all of it gave me the experience and skills that come into play in producing the podcast.

Life is never know when you’re going to need to know what you didn’t think needed to know. (apologies to Yogi)