Clean Up Your Room…

chris gehinger In our recent conversation, Chris Gehringer  (Sterling Sound Mastering), one of the most sought after and respected mastering engineers on the planet, stressed the importance of an accurate and balanced listening environment (speakers and room design). I redid the cabling and monitor placement in my room at The Loft Studios in Bronxville, NY a few weeks ago and decided to bring in an expert to help get it as flat as possible…so I called Steve La Cerra.

phonicsreve lacerraArmed with his handy Phonic Room Analyzer, Steve ran the room through its paces as we identified audio “peaks and valleys” that were causing issues across the audio spectrum. It was fun, balancing the art and science of sound with Steve, as we adjusted the volume, EQ and crossover controls on the main speakers and sub woofer.

In addition to a flatter response (The Holy Grail of any control room), we also achieved a wider sweet spot…listeners in the back of the room are hearing pretty much what I am hearing in the mix position. Every one of the musicians that I worked with over the next week noticed the improvement. All I need now is a  Lava Lamp!


The Look of A Telecaster..

..with the sound of a Les Paul?

Red FenderI can’t wait to take this for a spin tomorrow (Click on the photo to see it in all its’ glory) .

Intonation and sustain up and down the neck seem to be fantastic (acoustically) and there is a push/pull knob that lets the rear pick up be either single or double coil.


Running it through an amp sim in Logic first but then through my Princeton Reverb later in the week…review to follow.