Music Credits


rihannaRihanna (Def Jam)”Music of the Sun”
(RE) 1 Song
Platinum CD


anthrax.jpegAnthrax (Nuclear Blast) “Worship Music”

(RE) 1 Song


KandaceKandace Springs (Blue Note)

(RE) 1 Song


Holidays Rule-Kandace Springs (Blue Note)

(RE) 1 Song


cherryAva Cherry (Capitol) “Picture Me”
(CoP/RE/Pr/SW) 2 Songs


coastPaul Shaffer (Capitol) “Coast To Coast”
(Pr/SW) 1 Song


dinerAkinyele (Interscope) “Vagina Diner”
(RE/ME) 3 Songs


Elliott BeauregardElliott Murphy (Last Call) “Beauregard”
(CoP/RE/ME/Pr/Gtr/SW) 1 Song


exposeExpose (Arista) “Expose”
(SW) 1 Song
Gold CD


express“Theme From S’Express” by S’Express
#1 on the U.K. Dance Charts


funkFunky Poets (Sony) “True To Life”
(SW) 1 Song


harumProcol Harum (RCA) “The Long Goodbye”
(SW) 1 Song


harum2Procol Harum (Union Square) “Secrets of the Hive”
(SW) 2 Songs/(CoP/SW) 1 Song


keith_reedThe Keith Reid Project (Rockville) “The Common Thread”


kingDiana King (Sony) “Tougher Than Love”
(P/RE/ME/Pr/SW) 2 Songs
Platinum CD


livingAWB (AWB) “Living In Color”
(SW) 1 Song


miloMilo Z (Polygram) “Basic Need To Howl”


mjMichael Jackson (Universal Motown) “The Remix Suite”


paulSt. Paul (Atlantic) “Down To The Wire”
(RE/SW) 1 Song


prodigalProcol Harum (Zoo) “The Prodigal Stranger”
(SW) 4 Songs

robinRobin Trower (Atlantic) “In The Line of Fire”
(Pr/SW) 2 Songs


rodRod Stewart (J) “The Great American Songbook II”
(RE) 2 Songs


Messin SSJSouthside Johnny (Leroy) “Messin’ With The Blues”

(SW) 1 Song


sameman“Same Man” by Til West and DJ Delicious
Remixed/Covered on over 25 Dance compilations


shockAverage White Band (Track) “Aftershock”
(SW) 2 Songs


shontelleShontelle (SRC) “Shontelligence”


Shontelle-LickyShontelle “Licky” (Under the Covers)


sonSon of Eve (A&M) “Dollar Shots”
(CoP/RE/ME/Pr/Gtr) CD
(SW) 5 Songs


southSouthside Johnny (Leroy) “Going To Jukesville”
(SW) 4 Songs

thirdThird Party (A&M) “Alive”
(CoP/RE/Pr/Key/SW) 1 Song


Fix YouVita Chambers (SRP/Universal Motown)” Fix You”


Keith BrownKeith Brown (Star Song) “This Side of Heaven”
(Pr/SW) 1 Song


RaganWhiteside_QuantumDrive_cover_final_300Ragan Whiteside “Quantum Drive”


Ragan Whiteside “Treblemaker”




P – Producer
CoP – CoProducer
RE – Recording Engineer
ME – Mix Engineer
Pr – Midi Programmer
Gtr – Guitar
SW – Songwriter

ME-Mastering Engineer